Drone with DUAL Camera - DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise DUAL

Drone with DUAL Camera - DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise DUAL

6,999.00 лв.
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Origin: China
Product Code: DJI Mavic 2
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DJI Mavic 2 Enteprise DUAL short description:
  • Zoom Camera
  • Dual Camera
  • OcuSync 2.0
  • Modular Accessories
  • Password Protection
  • DJI AirSense

In the box:

  • Aircraft x 1
  • Remote Controller x 1
  • Battery Charger x 1 
  • Power Cable x 1
  • Propellers
  • Spare Control Stick x 1
  • Communication Cable-USB3.0 Type-C x 1
  • USB Adapter x 1
  • Extended Porrt Cover x 1
  • Speaker
  • Spotlight 
  • Beacon
  • Lightning Connector
  • Standard Micro USB Connector x1
  • USB-C Connector 
  • Manuals
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Drone DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise DUAL

With built-in DUAL CAMERA- For view And Thermal

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise DUAL

Expand your capabilities with the Mavic 2 Enterprise in close range missions – your on-hand tool that is ready to be deployed at the whim of your disposal – anywhere, anytime.

Lead Without Limits. Work Beyond Your Boundaries.

Unlock the possibilities of flight with an extended port 1 that allows you to connect additional devices onto the drone, helping you perform at your best in a variety of critical missions.

Mavic 2 Enterprise DUAL gadjets

Mavic 2 enteprise at best price

M2E Spotlight

Direct lost persons with greater ease using a dual spotlight that enhances your vision in low-light areas.

In flight safety

Your In-Flight Safety. Our Top Priority.

From take-off to landing, we’ve refined the way you interact with your drone and the environment, ensuring that you have a safe and productive flight at all times.

Everything under your control

Your Aircraft and Data. Under Your Control.

Simply enter your password to get access to your device and all of its features and functions. This intuitive way of logging into your device ensures secure access to your drone and its onboard data storage, thus preventing leakage of sensitive information.


Always in the Know of Your Immediate Airspace.

Avoid hazards in the sky with DJI AirSense, which enhances your airspace safety by giving you instant real-time positioning alerts on nearby manned aircraft.


Fly Safer Than Ever.

Improved FlightAutonomy gives you omnidirectional obstacle sensing2, an advanced sensing system comprised of 8 high resolution vision and 2 infrared sensors placed on the sides of the aircraft. The result? A powerful set of sensors that determine the relative speed and distance between the aircraft and an object, so you can fly and hover with more stability than ever in a wide range of open and complex environments.

Sense and avoid obstacles

Sense and Avoid with Ease.

The Advanced Pilot Assistance System enables the drone to intuitively detect objects on its every move, letting you easily fly around or over obstacles, particularly in tight spaces.

Mavic 2 enterprise

Refined Imaging for Tactical & Practical Use.

The imaging system has been developed with two goals in mind: assisting pilots in close-range missions, and ensuring captured data is more relevant and trusted than ever.

Zoom In. Zoom Out.

Stay close to the action – but away from the danger. The Mavic 2 Enterprise is equipped with a 2x optical, 3x digital zoom camera that lets you operate in close range missions without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Data you can trust

Data You Can Trust.

Like your iOS or Android device, GPS timestamping records the time and date that images are taken, so you can leverage data for industry level applications where accuracy is essential and timing is vital.


Everywhere You Go. The Power Is Always with You.

Slim enough to carry anywhere and engineered to handle any task – whenever duty calls.


Foldable. Compact. Portable.

At 905 g the Mavic 2 Enterprise is rapidly foldable and swiftly slides in the side of your belt package, giving you instant power that’s easily accessible and transportable – wherever you operate.

Self-Heating battery

Self-Heating Batteries for Adverse Environments.

Stay powered on in demanding climates with a suite of smart self-heating batteries that are capable of working in sub-zero temperatures.

Dji Pilot and Flight Hub