About Us

VEOS Company Ltd. is an importer , manufacturer and distributor of :


- DVR - Digital recording systems and devices

- IP cameras, analog cameras , lenses

- Racks and housings

- Intercoms

- Fire Alarm Systems

- Alarm systems

- Access Control

- Systems of satellite TV

- Communication cables : UTP, FTP, SFTP cables

coaxial cables Security cables , connectors and accessories

Trademark VEOS known as the Bulgarian market and the regional Balkan and part of the European market for 20 years . Our production is entirely dedicated to modern technologies for efficient and reliable transmission of video, voice and data , which are an integral part of any successful business today . Internet , e- mail , telephone, videoconferencing , security systems , fire alarms and access control technologies are not applicable without quality cable networks whose components bear the trademark VEOS.

The company specializes in the development of video-surveillance systems. We offer the latest products of electronic and communications industry , primarily relying on variety , quality and blizkak contact with customers.

Our long experience allows us to perform the quantities in most preferential terms & ndash best prices and terms .

We would be glad to be your partner in the realization of your projects , paying special attention to our capacity for rapid delivery, installation and maintenance.