Mini Drone FuriBee F36 - combo pack with 3 batteries

Mini Drone FuriBee F36 - combo pack with 3 batteries

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Mini RC drone for entertainment.

  • One-Key Return
  • 360° Roll-Over
  • Compass mode
  • One key course reversal
  • 2.4GHz Remote control
  • Night lights

Mini RC drone - small quadrocopter

One-Key Return

With built-in positioning system, the drone can auto locate the remote control. Just press the one-key return button, the dron will fly back to the remote control’s location.

360° Roll-Over

The simple flying of WSAD is too boring, and the new 3D rolling special effects suprise all the people.

Compass mode

The aircraft will change its flight direction with the change of the direction of the remote control.

One key course reversal

When starting the function of one-key returning without other operations, the aircraft will automatically come back to you.

2.4GHz Remote control

It adopts 2.4GHz remote control technology, so it can be controlled more precisely, its remote control distance is farther, and the response is more sensitive.

Night lights

The outside of four-axis stabilizer blade is installed with four colorful LED lights. When flying in the night sky, they are like the stars which blink and indicate the direction.

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